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                • Ginkgo Foundation in Brief


                  The Ginkgo Foundation was established in 2015 and registered with the Bureau of Civil Affairs in Beijing. It is a joint initiative between the Ginkgo Fellows, Narada Foundation, Zhejiang Dunhe Foundation, Xinhe Foundation and Nonprofit Research Center at Renmin University of China (now called the China Institute for Philanthropy and Social Innovation). 


                  Mission: We discover, bring together and inspire a diverse and vibrant community of social entrepreneurs who together, can collectively bring about positive social changes in China. 


                  Vision: We envision a world where everyone is able to live with freedom of choice and dignity.






                  GinkgoFoundation,Ginko Space, 1/F, Tower A, East Gate Plaza, No.9, Dongzhong Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China



                  +86 10-64606481





                  WE CHAT: